Are you Driven?

This course is for people who are dedicated to achieving their goals but keep struggling to make it happen in real time. If you want a clear, customized, actionable goal achievement plan, Driven is for you. In this online course you will...

  • Learn how to write your goals in a format which sets you up for success.

  • Discover a process of translating your goals to your calendar so you can actually do them.

  • Develop a system for tracking your progress that doesn't bog you down or stress you out.

  • Customize the goal achievement process for the way you like to work.

  • Determine strategies for overcoming roadblocks and setbacks before you run into them.

  • Develop an accountability plan which suits your style.

Driven Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Pre-Course Survey

    • Welcome

    • Join the Optimizers Club (It's free!)

    • How to make the most of this course!

    • Action Guide for Module 1

    • Get Goaling

    • Write Down Your Goals

    • Set Five Goals in Five Minutes

    • Narrow Your Focus

    • Make it Believable - Comfort Zones

    • Make it Believable - Intermediate Goals

    • Long-Term Goals - Backtrack to Action

  2. 2
    • Action Guide for Module 2

    • Choose a Destination

    • Choose an Arrival Date

    • Mapping Milestones - Brainstorming

    • Mapping Milestones - Arrival Dates

    • Determine Your MSP

  3. 3
    • Introduction to Calendar Blocking

    • Blocking the Year: Race & Cruise Blocks

    • Blocking the Year: Rest Blocks

    • Action Guide for Module 3

    • Printable Calendars

    • Choose Your Blocks

    • Digital Calendar Tips

    • Blocking the Week: Drive Sessions

    • Choose Your Weekly Targets

    • Map the Week: Examples

    • Hate Details? Watch this!

    • Blocking the Day

  4. 4
    • Action Guide for Module 4

    • Introduction to Get Resources

    • Memory Lane

    • Planning Ahead

    • Advisors

    • Supporters

    • Emergency Action Plan

  5. 5
    • Action Guide for Module 5

    • What are Roadblocks?

    • Motivation vs. Inspiration

    • Money & Supplies

    • Getting Unstuck

    • Dealing with Doubt

    • The Power of Clarity

    • Haters & Unfortunate Circumstances

  6. 6
    • Action Guide for Module 6

    • Introduction to Accountability

    • Track Your MSP

    • Leading vs. Lagging Indicators

    • Go Public

    • Showcase Your Accomplishments

    • Showcase Your Failures

    • Reward Yourself

    • Create Consequences

    • Buddy Up

    • Group Up

    • Rebels: Special Tips for You Here!

    • Stay True

    • Post-Course Survey

What People Are Saying...

Camille gives great advice and guidance when it comes to achieving your goals!

Veronica White

Camille gives great advice and guidance when it comes to achieving your goals! She helped me to hone in my focus and lay out a path to get me closer to where I wanted to go. Will definitely be chatting with her more in the future for guidance and support!

Helping professionals to crush their goals...

Robert Johnson

Camille is the consummate professional with a fiery passion for helping professionals to crush their goals and become the best version of themselves. Her authenticity and calmness permeate her engagements. She has been a delight to work with and consistently helps me to level up!

Camille is a shining light to turn to...

Joy Seale

Being a business owner can be very lonely. It can be hard to know whom to turn to if/when you get stuck. Camille is a shining light to turn to. She is wise, thoughtful, and asks thought-provoking questions. If you are wanting to go to the next level, I highly recommend The Optimized Zone.

Worth her consulting fee every single time.

Gunner Peterson

You need Camille Diaz period. Guiding all my important decisions since 2010. Camille prevents me from making costly mistakes. Especially with my relationships in business &/or personally. She is worth her consulting fee every single time.

A completed step by step process and to do list.

Tabitha Taylor

One of the biggest challenges I face as a entrepreneur is overwhelm when faced with a goal. Camille's reverse coaching technique makes it super easy to walk away with a completed step by step process and to do list. She has this way of breaking down my big picture into small actionable steps.

Why Driven

What makes this process so special is...

I'll share a little bit about myself since we may not have met before. I grew up in Riverside, California in a family that was blended and slightly complicated. Earned a bachelor's degree in biology from UC Santa Barbara. Even though I was super shy and totally introverted, I found someone wonderful, got married and had a couple of kids. I worked in 2 non-profit zoos, an afterschool program, and in corporate logistics before I became a serial entrepreneur. Since then I’ve had a curriculum company, a ballroom studio, an insurance agency, and my coaching business. I’ve worked with clients in real estate, construction, media and PR, vet clinics, chiropractic offices, attorneys, web development, and then some.

At first glance that may all seem kind of disjointed, but it’s been the perfect way for me to gain insight and understanding into many different industries and personalities so I can provide custom solutions for my clients which actually work for them.

I’ve been refining this goal achievement process I’m going to share with you for over 20 years and have been teaching it to my private clients. I personally have used this process to

  • Meet sales goals
  • Earn promotions
  • Earn reward trips
  • Write books
  • Hike rim to rim across the Grand Canyon in one day
  • Lose 30 pounds
  • Start podcast which is currently closing in on it’s 100th episode

And those are just a few of the highlights. Now I’m sharing this system with you. Not just sharing part of the system, I'm sharing the whole thing. And I'm including action guides to help you stay on track, customizable templates so you don't have to figure out the hard stuff alone, and I'm teaching you to customize the process so it works for you.

Not everyone learns the same way. Not everyone likes the same things. Not everyone gets goaling the same way. In this course I've included systems which work for multiple goaling styles so you can pick what works for you and run with that. No need to struggle trying to do it exactly they way I do it. Instead, I'll help you discover your own goaling style and build a customized goal achievement plan for yourself around your most valuable asset, you.

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